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Greetings, Earthling! Welcome to Edward's web site, an ongoing project to provide an outlet for the recreational activities of a technology-obsessed geek. At Computer Nerd Central, you can find all sorts of stuff, from the expected computer-related ramblings to personal opinions and essays. This site will never be considered "finished," so check back occasionally for updates and additions. Enjoy your stay!

With that in mind, please don't be alarmed if some of the links don't work or link to half-finished Web pages. It takes a while to make progress on things becasue this site is created entirely using hand-written HTML. No Yahoo! PageBuilder, Microsoft Frontpage, or anything of the sort was involved. I'm quite proud of this because I'm officially classified as an "Analytical Nerd" and don't like using tools intended for computer novices.

This site is best viewed with a maximized window, a color monitor, human intelligence, and eyes. It looks best at resolutions 1024x768 and higher, but that's not a requirement.

Site News

11/16/06 - Yes, it takes me a while to update. I'm pretty busy and often forget about this website. The only update this time is reworking the structure of the site - it still looks the same but it's better organized on the server now. You can't tell the difference, of course, but I thought I'd mention that I did do something with the site.

3/10/06 - Some new items added. The "official" Tremel Elapsed Time Standard is now available (the link called "My Elapsed Time Standard"). This is an open-source standard for simulating an elapsed time data type using existing data types in Visual Basic for Microsoft Access, although the functions used will work in stand-alone Visual Basic. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, that's fine; there's a reason I put it under a new category called "Geeky Stuff" that I will be adding some other stuff to when I get around to it (hence the other links, which don't work right now). The other new thing is the "Party Politics" page of the "Opinions" section, which also serves as an introduction to that section (although I don't have the other pages in that section up yet). Yes, it's been a long time since I updated, but since I'm done with my Science Fair project it should be a little easier now to work on this web site.

11/2/05 - Expanded the About Me page a little. Note that it's one of few with pictures: I try to use pictures sparingly because they force your monitor to be a certain width (the left & right toolbars plus the picture), which I'm trying to avoid doing.

10/29/05 - The Alfonso Cuaron rant is finally up! It took a while to write, but at least it's thorough. Now two of the links in the "Rants" section work.

10/16/05 - Layout overhaul finally finished. This site used to look a lot worse until I researched some HTML tricks; it's now laid out with user-defined stretching DIVs and formatted with a CSS stylesheet. I also finally updated some of the time-sensitive information (like what grade I'm in) throughout the site.

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